M2 Team

How did it all begin? 

A shopfitting family

Matthew Green and Matthew Kingsman (the 2 Matts) are the Directors of M2 Shopfitters. Between them, they have over 15 years of experience in the shopfitting industry and have spent a large portion of their life surrounded by people in the shopfitting, design and foodservice industries. With this solid foundation beneath them and continuing advice from some strong mentors within the industry, they co-founded M2 Shopfitters alongside Emilley Kingsman. Emilley has a background in Business and Communications and prior industry insight, bringing further experience to the M2 table. With the ethos of forming a family business to guide them, the three of them have held fast their belief that a positive client experience starts from within. It was from this belief that the M2 Team was created.


What are the M2 Team ideals?

When we listen and participate, we learn

At M2 Shopfitters, we are all about building and supporting a team environment. We believe in having the right staff, who thrive as part of a shopfitting team. We seek out people who have values and goals that align with our business. We feel that training these people to continually improve their personal skill set (and in turn, our business) keeps our culture strong and our team members wanting more. We value encouragement, active engagement, participation, consultation and collaborative decision-making. The fact is, without our M2 Team members, we can’t run our business. So it seems only logical to have everyone united as one team. From management through to apprentices, office through to factory.


How does this benefit our clients?

The important question!

  • Internal Communications
    Working within a team means that superb communication is paramount to successful operations. We have spent (and continue to spend) a great deal of time fine-tuning our internal communication processes. This means that jobs are being completed efficiently and effectively, with fewer mistakes and omissions resulting from poor communication between, and within, the factory and office. Communication is renowned for breaking down between the office and the factory in the shopfitting industry!
  • Consistency
    Our M2 Team members enjoy being part of a team and as such, we find that we have a lower staff turnover. This results in consistency for our business, which is then able to be passed on to our clients through familiar faces and points of contact.
  • Knowledge
    M2 Shopfitters strives for continual learning and improvement. Therefore, we encourage all M2 Team members to participate in further learning and development, including cross-training in other areas of our business. The upshot of this is that we have highly-skilled M2 Team members, who know our shopfitting business inside and out. This results in better outcomes for our clients, with qualified staff who have a broad knowledge base and refined skill set.
  • Collaboration
    We thrive off collaboration and find brainstorming invigorating. We do this through group meetings, one-on-one meetings, informal and formal feedback, team building activities and toolbox sessions. This collaborative environment has resulted in improved systems and impressive ideas for some of our clients’ shopfitting projects, thanks to the combined knowledge of all our M2 Team members.
  • Attitude
    We have found that nurturing a team culture brings a high level of positivity to our business. Our M2 Team members enjoy coming to work, which is reflected in their interactions with our clients.