M2 Shopfitters’ Name and Logo

The M2 Name

Mathematically fit

We often get asked about the meaning behind our name…so, why ‘M2‘?
M2 Shopfitters has a dual meaning. We have two directors, both qualified shopfitters, and both named Matt. Algebraically, M2 equates to M x 2. In our case, Matt x 2. M2 Shopfitters also gives a nod to (metres squared), an everyday measurement used in the shopfitting industry.


The M2 Logo

Joining forces

As for our logo, the two off-centre Ms show that yes, both Matts are individuals and have their own shopfitting industry knoweldge. However, when joined together they create a strong force with a broad knowledge base. The gaps in the Ms show that this knowledge always has room to be built upon, expanded and consolidated. As a company, we strive for continual learning and improvement. We learn from our customers, our staff, our suppliers, our competitors, industry representatives and leaders, and the general community as a whole. We feel that this sets us apart from the rest and helps bridge together our logo.
M2 Logo